Why Catholic sports camps?  

 Thomas Wurtz, Founder of  Varsity Catholic  and  FaithAndAthletics.com , addresses the campers.

Thomas Wurtz, Founder of Varsity Catholic and FaithAndAthletics.com, addresses the campers.

From Sacred Scripture to Vatican II, Christianity has much to say about sports (see a summary here).  As Pope Pius XII said, "How can the Church not be interested in sport?"  The Church "sees in sport a gymnasium of the spirit, a means to exercise moral education; and because of this it admires, approves, and encourages the practice of sport in its various forms" (Bl. Pope Paul VI).  Saints from Paul to JPII stress the natural fit between athletics training and training for heaven.  "While playing sports, Christians find help in developing the cardinal virtues" (JPII).  St. Paul wrote, "do everything for the glory of God" (1Cor. 10:31).  "Everything" includes sports!



Testimonials from parents and campers:

Why do we spend the time and money on sports? Sports are a school of virtue and a way to give glory to God. Frassati Sports not only gets that, but they intentionally teach it and talk about it continuously through the sports they coach. It gives good and pure purpose to playing sports. We are so grateful for Frassati Sports!
— Tim & Angela Urban
Really, what more can parents ask for? My son found a great outlet in sports AND his faith exploded! This camp connected the two for him. ‘Thank you’ is truly not sufficient.
— Janet Woodward
The Frassati Camp is a blessing for boys by focusing their young hearts, minds and athletic skills on the power of prayer, virtue, hard work and putting the team before the self - on and off the court.
— Stephen & Carrie Keating
My sons had a wonderful time at Frassati Basketball Camp! It was the perfect blend of sports, exercise, fun and faith formation.
— Shandra Emrich
We are blessed here in Denver to have many avenues for enriching our children’s lives with their Catholic faith. From its inception, however, Frassati Sports has emerged as one of those amazing leaders in this field, both for its excellence and for filling a specific need. In our culture, it can be extremely confusing to know how to be a strong boy much less a virtuous Catholic boy. Frassati Sports is able to show how to do this both directly, by teaching virtues and speaking to situations in which boys can find themselves today, and indirectly by modeling this lifestyle through the young volunteers, the coaches, and the religious that show our sons what being a Catholic strong in his faith looks like. Our sons need this witness and we are so grateful that our boys were able to see it at a Frassati camp.
— Tomas & Caroline Fuerte
I learned that sports can help you become a saint.
— 6th grade camper
I used to just stand around on defense both in basketball and life, but now I know how to defend the hoop and my soul.
— 8th grade camper
I learned to fight off laziness and selfishness and replace it with self-discipline.
— 7th grade camper
I will remember most the defensive warm-up because even though it hurt I got through it and offered it up for whoever’s name was taped on my wrist.
— 8th grade camper
I will remember to thank God when I walk into the gym.
— 8th Grade Camper